That's why Stickers empowers great artists to sell their awesome designs as stickers.
They create. We produce & deliver. You enjoy!
Hello! Developers Love Helvetica Too
Moldova Touristic Brand - Yellow Background Version
Russian Ornament
Hybrids Can Be Fun - Honda CR-Z - White
Have More Fun!
Artistic USA Flag
I Smoke Design & Breathe out code
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That's why Stickers empowers great artists to sell their awesome designs as stickers.
They create. We produce & deliver. You enjoy!
Top sticker designs from independent artists all over the world.
Moldova Touristic Brand - Dark Background Version
Moldova Touristic Brand applied on a dark background for different devices.
71 months ago by Moldova
Carla's Dreams - Nascut in Moldova
Carla's Dreams - Nascut in Moldova
71 months ago by Carla's Dreams
Moldova Touristic Brand - White Version
Moldova Touristic Brand applied on a white background for different devices.
71 months ago by Moldova
Here's to the Crazy Ones
Spent quite a lot of time for creating this nice typography design based on the popular ad. Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Beca...
71 months ago by Fun Dojo
Super Stephen
Stephen is not only the "Great" but also "Super". A sticker by blin! facebook.com/blinthat instagram.com/blinthat
66 months ago by Blin
Don't Kill Creativity
The don't kill creativity skull with pencils.
71 months ago by Fun Dojo
Acid Citrus - Lemonade
When I first started drawing this one I thought it would be in natural citrus colour scheme, but something went wrong and they suddenly became so acid. But I actually like it even more. I still want to eat them anyway :)
71 months ago by Oili Zalite
Volkswagen VW Golf Interlagos Interior Texture
Interlagos, the most popular and nice plaid cloth from retro Volkswagen Golf.
71 months ago by Nanoo Design
I Support Dogs
From each sticker you buy we collect money and at the end of the month we donate them to one of the several Moldavian dog shelters.
71 months ago by Fun Dojo
Life Motto: Be Awesome (Developers)
Life Motto: Stop sad - Be awesome!
70 months ago by Fun Dojo
Have More Fun!
"Have More Fun" awesome 3d effect lettering.
69 months ago by Fun Dojo
Mix of traditional Moldavian, Native American and African elements ornament in traditional African colors
70 months ago by Veronica Stefanet
Latest sticker designs from independent artists all over the world.
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Rapid Air technology vinyl
with advanced air release
Quality Inks
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Contour Cutting is done on a Roland Machine
Extreme Durability Laminate Glossy / Matte Finish Layer,
5+ years extended UV protection
Transparent adhesive of the laminate layer which is applied using hot lamination for better grip
High Quality Print using Roland Machines and original eco-solvent Roland inks
Chemical vinyl treatment to increase inks bind
Long term longevity German vinyl
Repositionable high quality permanent adhesive
The back paper serves as a sticker support. It Has a RapidAir technology texture that gives the adhesive channels through which all the air is released. So - no air annoying air bubbles.
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Die Cut Sticker 2.5x2.5cm $0.6+
Die Cut Sticker 5x5cm $1+
Die Cut Sticker 7.5x7.5cm $1+
Die Cut Sticker 10x10cm $1.1+
Die Cut Sticker 12.5x12.5cm $1.42+
Die Cut Sticker 15x15cm $1.7+
Die Cut Sticker 20x20cm $3.4+
Die Cut Sticker 25x25cm $5.1+
BlackBerry Bold 9900 Skin $5.5+
BlackBerry Classic Skin $4.5+
BlackBerry Passport Skin $7.5+
BlackBerry PlayBook Cover $9+
BlackBerry Q10 Skin $5+
Full Body Skin for Zippo $8.95+
Google Pixel 2 Skin $5.5+
GoPro Hero4 Silver / Black Skin $6+
HTC Desire 300 Skin $5+
HTC One M7 Skin $5+
HTC One M8 Skin $5+
HTC One M9 Skin $5+
HTC One Max Skin $6.5+
HTC One Mini Skin $3.5+
HTC One X Skin $5+
Huawei P9 $5.5+
iPad 2/3/4 Cover $10+
iPad Air 2 Cover $10+
iPad Air Cover $10+
iPad Mini Cover $9+
iPhone 4/4s Skin $3.5+
iPhone 5/5s/5se Skin $4.5+
iPhone 5c Skin $4.5+
iPhone 6 Plus Skin $6+
iPhone 6 Skin $5+
iPhone 6s Plus Skin $6+
iPhone 6s Skin $5+
iPhone 7 Plus Skin $6+
iPhone 7 Skin $5+
iPhone 8 Plus Skin $6+
iPhone 8 Skin $5+
iPhone X Skin $6+
Lenovo A316i Skin $3.5+
Lenovo K3 Note Skin $4.5+
Lenovo S860 Skin $6+
Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro K920 Skin $7+
Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Skin $5.5+
LG G3 Skin $5.5+
LG G4 Skin $5.5+
MacBook 12" Cover $18+
MacBook Air 11" Cover $15+
MacBook Air 13" Cover $19+
MacBook Pro 13 2008" Cover $19+
MacBook Pro 13 Retina" Cover $19+
MacBook Pro 15 2008" Cover $25+
MacBook Pro 15 Retina" Cover $25+
MacBook Pro Retina 13" TouchBar Cover $19+
MacBook Pro Retina 15" TouchBar Cover $25+
Macbook Trackpad (beta) $3+
Magic Trackpad 2 (beta) $6+
Meizu MX5 Skin $3.9+
Motorola Nexus 6 Skin $6.5+
Nexus 4 Skin $5+
Nexus 5 Skin $5+
Nexus 5X Skin $6+
Nokia Lumia 635 Skin $4.5+
Nokia Lumia 830 Skin $5.5+
Nokia X Skin $4.5+
OnePlus One Skin $5.5+
Oukitel K6000 Skin $4.5+
PlayStation 4 Skin $28+
Samsung Galaxy 8+ Skin $6+
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Skin $6+
Samsung Galaxy S2 Skin $4.5+
Samsung Galaxy S3 Skin $5+
Samsung Galaxy S4 Skin $5+
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Skin $5.5+
Samsung Galaxy S6 Skin $5.5+
Samsung Galaxy S7 Skin $5.5+
Samsung Galaxy S8 Skin $6+
Samsung Note 5 Skin $5.5+
Sony Xperia E3 Skin $5+
Sony Xperia L Skin $4.5+
Sony Xperia Z2 Skin $5.5+
Sony Xperia Z3 Skin $5.5+
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Skin $7.5+
Standard Skin for Zippo $4.45+
Xiaomi Mi A1 Skin $5.5+
Xiaomi Mi Note Skin $6+