Become an author Open a Stickers Shop Upload your artwork and we’ll produce the stickers from it and deliver them to clients. You focus on creation. The production and delivery is on us. And of course earn money from each sold sticker from the price you name.

Everybody could buy a sticker

People use them to add a personal touch to almost anything.
Below are just a few “use-on” examples:


Laptops, phones, tablets, music players, etc.


Nice designs, a funny joke or just a message.

Home Decorations

Personalize your fridge, cabinet, door, WC wall, etc.

Personal Objects

Your notebook, cup, folder, you name it.
We think that everybody could buy a sticker. It’s only a matter of finding the design they love and you're a great designer.
Why stickers? Well, there are more than a few reasons.
  • People can apply them on a really wide variety of objects, unlike t-shirts, magnets, canvas prints, etc. Almost anything you can think of can be personalized with a sticker: phone, tablet, wall, laptop, car, cup, door, notebook, etc.
  • We’re not selling your design source. We’re producing from it stickers and deliver them.
  • You can use your existing designs and sell them as stickers, without a lot of effort involved (comparing to developing a theme for a themes marketplace).
  • And you get money from each sold sticker. Without selling the design source. Isn’t that awesome?
  • They are cheap (compared to other personalized objects).
Right. Why should I open a Stickers Shop?
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